Run fully certified VMware on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

By | September 17, 2019

Want to run some of your VMware services in the public cloud? Well you (soon) can do this on the Oracle Cloud, without having to get it as a managed service (and pay much more), like with the VMware+AWS arrangement.

You get full control to build and manage your cloud VMware environment exactly as it runs in your own data center. It will be available in all existing datacenter regions.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution will include VMware vSphere, VMware NSX-T, VMware vSAN, and, optionally, VMware HCX. The software will be deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure following the VMware standard of 3+ bare metal hosts using a VMware Validated Design (VVD) architecture and on VMware certified hardware. You can of course scale up and down.

More info:

Oracle support for VMware On-premise

One more interesting fact about the partnership between Oracle and VMware, Oracle will better support Oracle Workloads on top of VMware, including for existing on-premise environments:

Along with the ability to run VMware on Oracle Cloud, the partnership will include expanded technical support for Oracle products running on VMware virtualized environments. This will improve the ability to run Oracle Database and applications in VMware environments, whether in our cloud, in other clouds, or in customer data centers. Oracle will support customers with active support contracts running supported versions of Oracle products in Oracle supported computing environments.

3 thoughts on “Run fully certified VMware on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

    1. richard Post author

      Sorry, still no official announcement on when the solution will be live.

  1. Zingo

    This will be live soon, please connect with your local sales reps


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