OOW19 – Always free cloud services!

By | September 17, 2019

Lots and lots of new at this year’s Oracle Openworld event. One major one is the Always Free Cloud Services.

Always Free Cloud Services

Oracle is introducing always free cloud services!

Autonomous Database:
– 2 always free Autonomous Database instances per OCI Tenancy
– 20GB database storage per instance
– 1OCPU per instance
– REST interface (ORDS)
– SQL Developer Web
– Machine Learning Notebooks

Compute Instance:
– 2 always free compute instances
– VM.Standard.E2.1.Micro
– 1/8th of an OCPU with the ability to use additional CPU resources
– 1GB RAM / One Public IP / up to 480 Mbps network bandwidth
– Oracle Linux / Ubuntu / CentOS

– 100 GB total of combined boot volume and block volume Always Free Block Volume storage.
– Five total volume backups (boot volume and block volume combined).
– 20 GiB of combined Object Storage and Archive Storage
– 50,000 Object Storage API requests per month

– Always Free 10 Mbps loadbalancer
– 10 Listeners, 10 Virtual Hostnames

More info:
Cloud Service Description document (p11)
Always Free documentation

One thought on “OOW19 – Always free cloud services!

  1. Raj Gupta

    Hi, Thanks for sharing the details.
    This always free service is something on top of SG$400 credits? Also normally we have to use this credit on 30 days, Is there any limitation for free service , applicable for specific time/day/month or year?


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