APEX now available on the Oracle Autonomous Database

By | June 27, 2019

YES! APEX is available on the Autonomous Database!!! In case you have been living under some rock; APEX is Oracle’s awesome Low Code development platform. You can extremely easily build simple web applications that look awesome, support all the latest HTML technologies without doing too much. If you want to build more complex things, no worry APEX has you covered as well, with a bit more effort you can build extreme complex apps, while still massively saving time on development.

So yes, disclaimer, I [heart] APEX ! 🙂 My only problem has always been with APEX that I needed an Oracle Database, but I am not really an Oracle DB expert. So I was always struggling with the install, configuration and maintaining the environment.

The Oracle Autonomous DB takes all those issues away! Now with one click, you can provision an Oracle Autonomous Database, never have to worry about maintaining it and it comes out-of-the-box with APEX enabled!

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