OCI Manager v1.7 for iPhone released

By | May 22, 2019

This week you can find the updated version of my OCI iPhone Manager App in the app store. Besides supporting the newly opened regions for OCI and some bug fixes, it now also supports easily starting, stopping and resetting your DB VMs. (the DB node).

When you stop a DB node, the actual billing stops for the Database compute resources and licenses stop! So the more efficient you do this, the more money you can save 🙂

The App also show the livecycle state of your Database based on the state of your DB node, not DB System (unlike in the official web UI). So you can instantly see which of your Database systems are really up and running and which are stopped.

Besides starting / stopping your Database VMs, the App already also supports stopping / starting compute instances from your phone and scaling up / down (adding more/less CPUs) to the Baremetal Database Cloud Service and Autonomous Database Service.

You can find the App in the official Apple App store:

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