OCI Manager (iphone App)

Download and Manage OCI from your Phone:


Updates about the OCI iPhone App:

Configuring your OCI Management iPhone App

Here the instructions for configuring your OCI iphone app.

  1. Click on the Setting icon in the lower right corner on the main screen of the app.
  2. Paste in the Tenant ID, User ID and fingerprint
  3. Specify your main default region, this can be
    1. eu-frankfurt-1
    2. us-ashurn-1
    3. us-phoenix-1
    4. uk-london-1
  4. Paste in your Private PEM key and click on save key.
  5. Click on connect, if all goes well, you now should see your username and you are good to go.


  • On the compartment list and instance list you can manually refresh by sliding your finger down on the screen
  • On the instance detail list, the information gets auto refreshed every 15 second, but you can also force a manual refresh


The PEM keyfile you need is different then the SSH keys you use for console access! If you do not know how to generate the PEM file, you can use the OCI CLI command tool to generate a PEM file. Run the CLI command: oci setup config

You need to add the key to the user that you want to use for your App. You can do this in the Identity section.