iPhone App for managing OCI – AVAILABLE

By | October 14, 2018

Well it took a few late nights of nerding, but I finished version 1 of my OCI Management App for the iPhone šŸ™‚ Below you can see a preview video.

The App is now available in the Apple App Store:

If you need help configuring the App, here are the instructions:

The app allows you to have a consolidated overview of all your instances in a department (VMs, Bare Metal, DB, ADW and ATP) across all regions! You can control in the app which regions should all be visible.

Besides seeing you instances, you can do some basic operations on them.

  • You can Start instances
  • You can SOFT and HARD shutdown; Soft shutdown is NOT available in the normal web interface
  • You can SOFT and HARD reset; Soft reset is NOT available in the normal web interface
  • You can Scale up/down the CPU of Database Bare Metal, Autonomous DatabaseĀ  and Autonomous Data Warehouse services
  • You can modify the Instance name (except Database VM and BM), again this is not available in the normal web interface

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19 thoughts on “iPhone App for managing OCI – AVAILABLE

  1. Joao Paulo Lunardelli

    Cool App. Greetings from Oracle Solution Center LAD! Cheers

    1. richard Post author

      Sorry i am not an android person. I will open source my app, so someone else might be able to re write it to android.

  2. tim hickey

    Hi, I have it installed but having an issue with the connection.
    Any debug logs or ideas on why it won’t connect.

    1. richard Post author

      The most common mistake is people not entering their tenant OCID and user OCID or using a wrong key file. Can you send me screenshot of your settings screen.

  3. Sumeet Kabra

    Great App ! Can the authentication to OCI tenancy also possible using IDCS accounts ?

    1. richard Post author

      Good question, not use IDCS users have API access. Will look into it.

  4. Yigen Chen

    Thanks you so much, it is very helpful for me and I have installed it in my phone and it works good.

  5. webfiles

    Great App! Is there a limit on the number of compartments it can show? I can only see 24 and there seems to be no way to list the rest…

    1. richard Post author

      I think that is a bug from my side. I will fix it in the next release.

  6. hiro

    Great App ! Thank you so much.
    I found that this App could scale up / down on the DBaaS service, but cound’t start / stop it (Can’t push buttom).
    Is it the specification ? or my issue?

    1. richard Post author

      Hi Hiro, This is no issue from your side. Unfortunately today the DB instances doe not support the start/stop feature.

  7. xavier

    Great application! Thank you.

    When I try to connect only stays in connecting and does not send anything,
    already probe the data in oci-cli and they work.

    I do not know what it could be



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