OCI – Creating a VPN to pfsense appliance

By | September 29, 2018

If you want to connect your cloud environment securely with your on premise environment you can do this with the built in VPN service of OCI. I have in my own (on premise) environment a pfsense virtual appliance running that acts as my router/firewall/vpn box. Below a video explanation and demonstration on how to easily create this setup.

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7 thoughts on “OCI – Creating a VPN to pfsense appliance

  1. Timur

    thanks Richard, that was more beneficial than most of OCI 100&200 utube videos.
    Can you explain more how you come up with public up on-premise side and set it up n pfSense appliance?

    1. richard Post author

      Hi Timur, not sure I understand your question. Is it about having multiple public IP addresses on-premise?

      1. Timur

        thanks for reply Richard, sorry for being unlear, it took me some time an understanding to come up with the right question.
        I just want to reproduce the same from my end having VM behind router with the NAT and local-home network. Now if I bring my VM with public ip OCI will not be able to see it.
        I can’t use pfsense with public ip behind the NAT router, right?

        1. Jus

          Hi Richard,
          to set up the same scenario with the VPN in pfsense, can I leave the private IP provided by pfsense as WAN ip (192.168.0.x) or do I have to use the public one present on the configuration of my home modem?
          In both cases is it necessary to open the ssh and icmp ports of my home modem?
          Thanks in advance


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