Pi Day 2022

By | March 3, 2022

[waiting name=”PiDay”]

Pi (3.14) day is coming! And I am working on a real nice, very fitting surprise for all you Raspberry Pi & OCI fans out there. I will release this project of course on Pi Day it self! Maybe plan a live youtube/twitch stream. Never done that before, but hey let’s go crazy 🙂

Oracle and AlmaLinux are also organizing a pi day for developers. Sign up and you can get FREE SWAG!! Who does not want that 🙂

On Pi Day you can attend some interesting sessions:

  • Going beyond a Raspberry Pi – Kubernetes & Arm in the cloud
  • Build A Custom Mobile Application With Geospatial Visualization
  • Enhancing your gaming experience with a real-time dashboard
  • From Idea to Reality: Build a fully functional mobile-friendly app from scratch in under 60 minutes, using Oracle APEX
  • … and much more other sessions

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