MySQL and Goldengate service now supported with the Scheduled Based Auto Scaling Script

By | April 11, 2021

As the Oracle Cloud continues to add new services (and features), it was about time to also spend some time again on my Schedule Based auto scaling script.

The new services MySQL and Goldengate both support being powered off and pauze the billing for the service, so these 2 services have now been added to the Auto Scaling script.

MySQL was a bit tricky, as the script by default uses the seach API to find resources with a Schedule Tag. But for some reason the MySQL service is not being seached by the search API 🙁 So the scripts now manually find any MySQL instances inside any compartment and if they have a Schedule tag, will add the service to the list of resources to process.

This way, when Oracle fixes this “bug” so that MySQL service is being found the search API all what needs to be done is remove the element of manually finding the MySQL instances and all should be good.

You can find the Schedule based Auto Scaling script for OCI on my github, with installation instructions.

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