Automatic SSH key generation for Compute

By | July 12, 2020

Frequently I have noticed, people always struggle with SSH key generation when they need to create a resource on OCI. So I was pleasantly surprised today to notice an update in creating a Compute VM.

You now (finally) have an option to have the keys generated for you. I know it is a small feature and from a security perspective not always ideal, but it for sure makes it way more accessible for new comers to the Cloud.

Unfortunately this feature has been created by someone running Linux/Mac, as the key downloaded is in OpenSSH PEM format. This means this key does not work for Windows Putty users.

Other “down-sides”, this feature has only been added when creating a Compute Instance. It is not available when creating a Database Instance, Console Connection or API keys for a user.

In case you want to run your own “auto creation ssh key service”, I have made some code to do so. This code create both private and public key files in OpenSSH and Putty format, so can be used on all platforms. You can check it out here:

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