Updated Auto Scaling Script

By | April 14, 2020
  • Support for Instance Principles
  • Integration with the Notification Service

I noticed more and more people are starting to use my AutoScaling script. One common question I get a lot is where to run the script. In theory you can run the script from anywhere you have access to OCI.

Run in OCI without any credential configuration

One great please to run the script would be inside a Compute Instance on OCI (you can use the micro free tier instance). In this case you can use a concept called Instance Principle. This allows you to create a Dynamic Group containing your Compute VM. Then you can create a policy to allow that Compute VM to do the scaling operations. When setup like this, you do not need to configure any credentials or other details inside the VM, so no config file needed what-so-ever 🙂

Integration with Notification Service

Joel Nation also added some new functionality to integrate with the OCI Notification Service. You can create a Topic inside OCI and connect subscribe to that topic with Email Addresses, Slack Channels, Pagers, etc.

The Auto Scale script will report via the Notification service on the Auto Scaling operations executed and if any errors occured.

You can download the Auto Scaling Script here:

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