Oracle Openworld 2019 session catalog live and it includes 2 Sessions by me :-)

By | May 13, 2019

This year is my first time I submitted 2 sessions for the Oracle Openworld Call-for-papers and surprisingly enough, Oracle has accepted both of my sessions!!!

So if you are attending Oracle Openworld in September and want to know more and see lot’s of cool examples of OCI automation, please join my sessions 🙂 These sessions are not so much for developers, but mainly will focus on Infrastructure / Cloud Managers and Architects.

THT1600 -Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Automation Overview and Examples

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has a very friendly user interface, but often it makes sense to automate some of your tasks. In this session learn the various ways to automate operations in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using automation tools such as the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI tool, the API SDKs, and Terraform and Ansible. The session also covers when each automation method can best be used. This is not just a PowerPoint session; it includes live demos of automation around compute, Oracle Autonomous Database, consumption usage, and more. Walk away with great resources you can use in practice.

THT1614 – Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Automation with the Python SDK

Want to automate cloud operations, query information, or use features not available in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure portal? Then the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Python SDK might be for you. The SDK is very easy to use and handles a lot of the underlying complexity so you can just focus on getting your task done. In this session learn how to set up the SDK and see multiple real-world examples of automation tasks. Learn how you can export your entire cloud setup to Excel or automatically scale your autonomous database services based on a time schedule. No Python experience is needed.

You find the entire Oracle Openworld Session Catalog here:

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