Documented: OCI Pricelist API

By | July 30, 2021

UPDATED: Oracle now has an official way to query the list pricing of services. This can be done using this url:

You can query all services or one specific SKU and can specify the currency you want to result in.

See the official documentation:

11 thoughts on “Documented: OCI Pricelist API

  1. Jon-Eric Eliker

    Hi Richard. I wonder if you have found an API call for a Cloud Account that includes SKUs? I have been searching for this finding that the usage report APIs include SKUs but I hope to find one related to entitlements. After all, the usage report only shows the usage and SKU if you have actually used a portion of the resource—I would like to report on what SKUs _might_ get used. Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. Jon-Eric Eliker

    Not exactly. Probably closer to this and this together. 🙂

    You’ll see in those examples where gsiProductId is part of the usage cost results and the full list of services/resources/quantities is available from the quota quota results. I’m hoping to find something to report all “product IDs” available in a quota whereas the default result has only resource “names” (e.g. I want B90425 not just PIC_COMPUTE_STANDARD_E2).

    Thank you for your reply!

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  4. Clarence Ondieki

    Hi Richard,

    This is great, thank you for building this. I was interested in also getting specs of the services in addition to the pricing, ie for compute, get ocpu, memory, network bandwidth etc. I can see these are not exposed on the api endpoint. Can you share the webservice so we can verify if we can pull those as well? Thank you!

  5. Andrew Pickles

    Hi Richard – have you noticed that the API has not been updated since November and does not bring back new products such as Exadata X8M and flexible load balancers ?

    The UC Pricing page at Oracle seams to be have the latest information so can you see if the API URI has changed or not ? I don’t have the skills to reverse engineer the link.


      1. Andrew Pickles

        Cool that seams to be the Prices assigned to each Part code.
        Can you see the list of Products and Part Codes in another URI location?

        It would be just much easier if they updated the API and made it available in one place.

  6. Santosh Karhedath

    This is just an awesome find !!!

    The risk is – if we build a solution around it, the API may be depreciated or taken down without any notice !!

    While it is working – this is super helpful.

  7. Emanuele

    Hi all,
    I’m trying to find an API to get Oracle pricelist for government regions. Since they are belonging to different realms, I can assume that also prices are different (based on the definition of Oracle realm). Do you have any idea if a similar API exists?

    Thank you in advance.



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