New powerful CPU shape – E3

By | April 24, 2020

There is a new processor available within OCI. It is the AMD Epyc 7742 processor running at 2.25Ghz. This CPU has 64 cores and Oracle is offering this as a new Flexible CPU shape on OCI. Meaning you do not have to chose between 2,4 8, 16… but can choose any number of cores between 1 and 64.

As OCI does not oversubscribe any resources, but all resources are guaranteed , the other components like memory, network bandwidth and # of Nics scale based on the amount of CPU choosen.

OCI CPU Offerings

B1 ShapeStandard Shape 2E2 ShapeE3 Shape
Intel Xeon E5-2699C v4Intel Xeon Platinum 8167MAMD EPYC 7551AMD EPYC 7742
2.2 Ghz2 Ghz2Ghz2.25 Ghz
12 GB Ram / Core15 GB Ram / Core8 GB Ram / Core16 GB Ram / Core
Max VM: 16 CoresMax VM: 24 CoresMax VM: 8 CoresMax VM: 64 Cores
600Mb/s per Core1 Gb/s per Core700Mb/s per Core1 Gb/s per Core
Pricing details:

As you can see, the E3 is a cheape processor with lots of memory and bandwidth. When we run a simple Geekbench v5 test on these shapes, we also see that the E3 shape runs at great performance.

Test based on Geekbench v5.1 run on Ubuntu Linux with 2 cores VMs

For more information, you can find the details about all the available OCI shapes here:

Check here for an extensive performance blog post from Oracle:

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6 thoughts on “New powerful CPU shape – E3

  1. Rick

    It should be noted that e3 pricing lets you pick how much RAM you want. If someone’s task is not ram intensive, the savings could be more.

    1. richard Post author

      that is not correct, currently the amount of memory is tied to the number of ocpu cores, also for E3 shape. that shape has 16gb per ocpu. you can not change memory independently from number of ocpu at this moment.

      1. RIck

        Are their docs ahead of their service? The docs clear state the new virtual machine shape is a “flex” shape, and you can pick not only the number of OCPUs but also the GB of ram. Rack price for pay-as-you-go E3 OCPUs is $.025/hr and rack price for pay-as-you-go ram is $.0015/GB. What am I missing?

  2. Rick

    More info: THeir cost estimator seems not to be updated with E3 instances yet, but in the ‘shapes’ document, there’s a little footnote that says “Instances are billed for the full amount of memory that you provision. ” That language, combined with the pricing page, which separates E3 OPCU price from memory price, suggests to me that I can pick X OCPUs, and Y GB per OCPU.

    My dev lead is going to be spawning some e3 instances tomorrow for our project, so we’ll see!

  3. Rick

    ok.. I went in and created an e3 flex shape myself and sure enough, you’re right. It’s locked in at 16GB per OCPU. But That confuses me… because E3 flex is the only shape where they separate the RAM pricing. I wonder if they intend to let us choose our own ram amount in the future…

  4. Khairy

    Now you have the option to select Memory irrelative to number of cores


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