Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate Exam (1Z0-932)

By | September 14, 2018

Whoop whoop! I just passed the OCI Associate Exam. While I have reasonable hands-on experience with OCI, for preparation  I read the study guide and did the test exam. You can find the preparation documents here:

 I guess I had 57 correct and 13 not correct 🙁 . Currently the study guide mainly covers the Networking, Compute and Database parts, but it does not cover anything about the Data Transfer Service or File Storage Service. So I highly recommend you read up on those as well!

To prep for the exam, I really recommend hands-on experience. I recommend you at least tried the following:

  • Create Compute and Database Instances
  • Re-use Boot volumes for new instances and moved Block volume across instances.
  • Create a manual VCN and manually add IGW and correct routes
  • Create 2 webservers and create a public load balancer for it
  • Create a VPN connection between OCI and your own environment
  • Create 2 VCNs and see if you can get VMs to be able to talk to each other, without using the public internet

There were no questions about the APIs and Terraform, as the exam is about Architecture and not developing 🙂


4 thoughts on “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate Exam (1Z0-932)

  1. Mac-nic

    Hi please I am a student and I really love to take this exam, but the prep material is expensive for me acquire on Oracle website. Is there other cheaper study materials to use for this exam

  2. srikanth

    Hi Richard,

    Which two Oracle Cloud Infrastructure database services allow you to dynamically scale CPU and storage?

    1. richard Post author

      3 actually: Autonomous DB, Database Baremetal and Exadata CS.


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